30 Minute & 60 Minute Lessons
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30 Minute & 60 Minute Lessons

We offer both 30 minute and 60 minute lessons, and there are benefits to both.

We recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction per week, and encourage you to train 2-3 times per week in order to see the most consistent results and improvements.

Lessons are available for hitting; fielding, pitching, catching, and separate Programs are offered through GameOn Strength for speed & agility, and strength & conditioning.

Each lesson session covers one skill set, but you can combine lesson sessions to cover multiple skills on the same day.



Our 30 minute lessons are offered as a way to maximize your opportunity to get 2-3 training days in per week. Each lesson covers one specific skill set, but you can combine sessions and do back to back if you’d like to cover two skill sets (for example: 30 minutes of hitting, followed by 30 minutes of infield work). We also highly recommend that you add a 30 minute speed & agility or strength & conditioning lesson session as often as your schedule permits in order to fully prepare your athlete for competition

3 half hour lessons - $210

6 half hour lessons - $410

12 half hour lessons - $800
Buy 12 get 13th lesson free!


Our 60 minute lessons offer in-depth training in the specific skill set of your choosing. Our instructors will spend time working on a variety of drills and techniques relevant to that skill, while also incorporating the mental piece of things along with speed & agility or strength training into the lesson session. Lessons must be paid for before scheduling. Single session lessons, 6 lesson packages and 12 lesson packages must be paid for in full at the time of scheduling. 

3 one hour lessons - $360

6 one hour lessons - $660

12 one hour lessons $1260
Buy 12 get 13th lesson free!

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Click the image above for your free flyer!