About Gameon 13


Since it's start Game On 13 has been employing the highest standards of instruction, dedication and phenomenal staff in the tri-state area. Our mission is to teach the next generation of greats.

With an emphasis on hard work, striving to always push yourselves, and above all, believing in themselves and the others around them.

Game On 13’s founder, Eric Holtz, is a dedicated and incredibly passionate professional. From an early start, his father instilled in him a love for baseball that followed him throughout his life. Having played college ball at Dean, the love for the game didn’t stop once he began his career.

After marriage, three kids, and all that life has thrown at him, he has passed his passion for the game onto all players he’s met along the way. From coaching at Manhattanville College to coaching hitting at Westchester Community College to getting drafted in the IBL, Eric’s baseball career took off – he still has this same passion years later. Eric takes great pride in working with all that enter the doors of Game On 13, and inspiring the confidence needed to be successful on and off the field. Eric brings knowledge in both business and baseball and looks forward to working with your child in the future.

Game On 13 helps kids learn skills they’ll take with them beyond the field. We know that playing a team sport fosters much more than physiological benefits, and with dedication and drive, personal growth comes naturally. We teach kids how to overcome their fears and work through nerves, understanding, patience, and teamwork.

When our children are given an opportunity to play the game they love, regardless of skill level, they learn more than the game, but how to be a team player.

Our instructors are not only experienced, but they are patient and caring professionals who recognize the individual needs of every player.

Game on 13 is more than a sports training facility, we take coachable kids, and set them up for lifelong achievement. We instill discipline, focus, and dedication to all aspects of the sport and their lives. We’re not just molding All Stars, we’re shaping the way these young people carry themselves way after baseball season is over. We put an emphasis on succeeding in all aspects of your child’s life and foster a necessary balance between family, school, and the game.

Give us a call, and schedule your child to come in for an experience that will last a lifetime.