GameOn 13 D-League

Growing up, our kids are influenced by plenty of outside factors: family, school, and of course sports. Baseball not only challenges our youngsters physical ability, but it influences who they become as they grow up. As mentioned in our Catcher Hypothesis and Home Field Advantage: Personal Growth Through Sports posts, team sports provide our children the skills necessary to develop lifelong lessons that they will take off the field and into the real world.

It’s easy to spot natural ability, even at a young age. It’s our job, as parents, to push our children to be the best they can be in every aspect of life, and most importantly, to have fun while doing it!  Our newest Summer program is specially designed to inspire youngsters to want to achieve greatness and increase confidence.

We’re excited to announce a brand new opportunity for children ages 4-7. Game on 13 is hosting a beginners program to introduce young players and their parents to the life of Travel Baseball… without the travel (rest easy, moms)! Weekly practice and games will be held to serve as a constant engaging learning experience in your child’s life.

This instructional-based 8-week season is designed to transition young baseball players from the tee to the plate. This Developmental Baseball League will hone in on perfecting key skills to set your youngster up with everything they need to play the game effectively.

Every Sunday, your child will spend 75-minutes practicing proper throwing techniques, collaborative fielding strategy, the mechanics of pitching, hitting, and base running. These weekly practices will consist of small group instructional drill stations to help develop the skills required to flourish.

Immediately following the practice, your children will put their new skills into play with a competitive D-League Split Squad Game. Each child will get undivided, hands-on coaching by our top coaches in a patient, positive, and encouraging manner that fosters rapid progress.

Watch your child develop a better understanding of baseball with a keen sense of camaraderie, humbleness, and the drive to succeed in not only the game, but every aspect of their life! Is your child a future sports star? A born leader? If yes, give us a call to schedule an appointment so your child’s skill level can be evaluated and placed on an appropriate team.


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