GameOn 13's Friday Night Lights

Practice makes perfect. Our newest program is an immersive approach to baseball and softball hitting. Our Friday Night Lights special event will set you up to be able to hit everything that’s thrown at you in the season to come. Whether you’re training for our Fury Teams, High School teams or getting ready for the recruiters – the best way to achieve your goals is through reps, reps, and more reps!

The idea is simple, get up to bat, and keep swinging until you can’t anymore. For two hours, every Friday, players will get unlimited time up at bat. Our instructors will guide you along to improve key skills up at bat. Fine tune your skills with our experienced Game On 13 hitting instructors.

While style and unique identity is always encouraged, at some point an incorrect batting stance can hinder a player’s swing. Our instructors will offer suggestions on realigning the player with the base and widening their stance. This helps to keep the player from drifting forward, lunging with the front knee, and preventing any step outs. Along with a wide stance, you will also be coached on proper knee movement, bend and alignment to avoid under or over swinging and preventing injury. The importance of a correct batting stance makes the difference when it comes to game-day. Game on 13’s coaches are well versed, and ready to help make every hit a grand slam.

During this  6-week physically demanding and mentally rigorous program, players will learn the dos and don’ts of a proper batting stance, while subsequently improving their stamina as well! The program itself is designed to enhance hand-eye coordination for consistent solid ball-to-bat contact; develop the proper swing mechanics; increase bat speed and power for extra-base hits; progressively raise batting average and move up in a line-up; improve switch-hitting ability for greater versatility, and boost confidence making the game much more fun.

We offer two 6-week sessions, and an option to pay as you go. Give us a call to learn more, and start perfecting your stance.


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