Why Softball is Good for Girls

Softball allows the Lady Fury athletes to experience far more than what meets the eye. Of course, we tirelessly train our girls to be the best softball players they can be, but we’re preparing them to be better people as well. Every single one of our Lady Fury girls picks their teammates up when they’re down; they believe in not only themselves but one another. The competitive nature of travel softball forces our girls to develop their character not only in softball but life as well.


So, what is it about Lady Fury softball that makes it such a positive experience for our young athletes? Let’s explore.

1) Healthy Lifestyle
This one is a bit obvious. There is no question that being physically active is healthy, especially in our youth. Our girls not only play the game, but they are also training their bodies and minds to improve their abilities tenfold. Week after week we see tremendous improvement in every one of our players.

2) Setting Goals
Setting goals and success go hand in hand. Softball provides our young ladies a practical and fun environment to learn the ins and outs of setting goals. Lady Fury athletes are given the resources and support they need from their coaches and teammates to elevate themselves to the next level not only on the field but in life as well.

3) Lifting Self-Esteem
All Lady Fury athletes require a variety of different skill sets — all of which are continually honing in on and improving their strengths and identifying their weaknesses. There is a certain sense of accomplishment that follows each improvement across the board. Every player gets the opportunity to work on specific areas that they want to advance in. Their drive combined with positive reinforcement from their team, coaches, and parents deliver an ideal environment to grow self-esteem and confidence.


4) Communication
On any team, there are a broad array of personalities. Communication is a tremendous part of any sport, and softball is no exception. Articulation is everything – from how we communicate with the players to how players speak to one another. Softball teaches young girls how to talk TO others, and how to respond when that person talks BACK in all situations.

Communication is by far the most critical element of the game, and let’s face it, in life too. If our teammates cannot communicate back and forth in a way that is respectful, patient, and understanding – we set ourselves up for failure. In the game, communication is vital to avoid physical and emotional pain. Communicating within a team is integral for the betterment of a single goal.

5) Winning and Losing
In the same breath of how it feels to win, we must also acknowledge how it feels to lose. It is inevitable that we may not win every game in softball. However, a loss is never the end of the world – softball teaches every player how to rebound from a loss, and to do it gracefully. Likewise, winning gracefully is one essential lesson Lady Fury experiences. Even when we win, we bounce back and go right back to training to improve. The sense of achievement our girls get from winning is celebrated but short-lived as we go right back to competing to be the best
we can be.


6) Hard Work
Hard work ALWAYS beats talent. We say it often, and we practice it always. Athletes who work hard are always on the path to greatness. Every Lady Fury player is, without a doubt, some of the hardest working girls we’ve ever seen. They are quick to learn, work hard and always play the game with their full focus. Everyone makes mistakes, but how well our athletes handle those mistakes is telling of how our softball players differ from others. Softball teaches the ability to turn around and keep working towards bettering yourself bat to bat.

There’s no doubt that softball teaches young girls far more than fielding and hitting. These traits above, among so many others, performed together, can mold awe-inspiring and powerful women. The girls on Lady Fury are confident, can multi-task easily, communicate with their team with openness and honesty, and don’t fear anything the opponent throws at them. Softball
teaches girls to follow their dreams because anything is possible for girls who can take on anything!

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