Memorial Day Wrap Up

I just wanted to take a few minutes and Give you some of my thoughts for the weekend. Good, Bad and questionable......

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
    One of the things that makes me Happiest About Everything we do, is how our Fury Coaches, Parents and Players handle themselves on and off the field. I must have been at 10 or 11 different Games this past weekend and win or lose, we handle ourselves with Class, Integrity and Professionalism. Some of the "Other" programs that I saw over the weekend Could not and Would not EVER be involved or Associated with us or our program in any way. I was mortified at many of the things I saw this weekend as far as the Behavior displayed by so many insane Parents yelling and screaming at their own kids. In and out of the Dugouts all game. Your sons are between 8 and 14. No one has EVER been  drafted or offered a scholarship between the ages of 8 and 14. We do not Relive our childhood through our children.....Ever. We control our behavior, our Actions and our Attitudes and how we react to a bad call or a Mistake made by an Umpire, an error by a player etc. We do not clap at Others Mistakes or errors, these are all Children. Be Positive! Tell your son How wonderful it was to watch them play!

    If you were the last pick in schoolyard kickball, then go see a Therapist, but DO NOT ever treat your children like what we saw all over this weekend. It will never be tolerated here.

  • We will continue to improve our program and get better every season. Our teams are doing incredibly well and I could not be prouder. Our 10U Lou V team won the New Castle tourney while Coach Justin's 12U won the Ardsley tourney this past weekend. It was great to watch, cheer and see the teams competing at their best.  Parents positive, players picking each other up. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    From 8 to 12 years old, I have an incredible amount of patience for growing and teaching  the game correctly. By 13 years old and getting onto the Big Field, your family is going to make a decision that we really want to get Better and improve or NOT, If not, no problem but your sons will be excised, cut and replaced as one thing I will NOT have this turn into ever is a pay to play program.

    What that means is that if you have the money, people will accept you. This is not and will NEVER be tolerated here.

    If your son is a position player and not playing in crucial spots of a playoff game and you don't know why:

    A. Look at the kid playing your sons desired position.
    B. Is he Better than your son?
    C. Does he work harder than your son?
    D. Does he out hit my son?
    E. What Can I do to help my son?
    F. Can my son work harder?
    G. Can my son do more than he is currently doing?

In tournament Baseball/Softball. Everything is earned, NOT GIVEN.

Derek Jeter was quoted by saying "There may be Players who are better than me, but there will not be any player that outworks me"

Until your son displays this work ethic:

Wins and Losses Never make a team successful in my eyes, but work ethic, preparation and repetitions sure do and if your sons  are not putting the work in, believe me it shows and our Coaches and other players and parents see it.

While some of our players work, it is incredibly glaring that there are many who do NOT. If they are playing Fortnight or videogames 16 hours a week and hitting for 1/2 per week, believe me it shows.  13U and over it is time to take a look in the Mirror and ask "Is this for me? Am I willing to work? Will I commit myself to getting better? If not, maybe time to do something else..............If you're team is losing, ask Why? What can we do Better? What Can I do better? How can I make my son better which in turn will help the team be Better?”

  • Commitment-When we join a team, we are joining something outside and way beyond ourselves or just your kid. We teach our kids what it means to be part of something bigger than just me. If we don't want to play Team Sports, maybe we should play Golf or Tennis in which  noone else relies on you. When people decided to go away and/ or leave for the weekend knowing we had a tournament booked from the beginning of the season, It is awful. In 2019, there is NO REASON that we cannot communicate with our Coaches alot better than we did this past weekend. Some  Players Missed Saturday and Sunday and showed up Monday, It was MY DIRECT order to my Coaches that they would NOT play. It was unfair to the players who had been there and fought all weekend.




  1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
    "the company's commitment to quality"

    Synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, bond, adherence, attentiveness
    "her commitment to her students continued undiminished"

  • We will finish the Spring season shortly. I want Everyone to know that in Lieu of Playoffs, I voted to extend the season 2 weekends based upon the Number of rain outs we had this Spring. We will most likely play through the weekend of the 16th and forego Playoffs for the WBA as again, Could care Less about Trophies, Medals or Banners.

  • We have decided to do a 9 u Summer team but we are short a few players due to camp etc. If you know of any good 8 or 9 u kids interested , Please let us know and Thank you. There are 3/4 slots available. 4 to 5 days/Games per week.

Thank you so very much for being part of our Family and our Organization. I, My Coaches and the entire staff appreciate all of your support!

eric holtz