Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, NASM CPT, Certified Holistic Health Coach


Dimitrios Magdalinos was a former DE for Greenwich High School Football who graduated in 2005 as a FCIAC Division Champion. He went on to play outside linebacker for Alfred State JR. College 2006 - 2007 before beginning his career in Rugby. 2008 – 2014 Dimitrios was starting Flanker for White Plains Rugby Football Club Division 1.

As a kid, Dimitrios played almost every sport all the way up until his senior year of high school. He was always passionate about training and passionate about the competitiveness of sports. 2009 – 2011 was a rough time for Dimitrios because he experienced and a lot serious injuries during his Rugby career. From AC Joint separation to labral tear and pelvic strain with both hip flexor and adductor strains, all at once, there was a point in time where Dimitrios could barely walk for about six months. Most of these injuries were due to overtraining and improper training techniques.

During Dimitrios’ time of recovery, countless hours of physical therapy and doctor visits, he found a passion in learning how to train athletes to prevent injury and develop optimal performance. In 2012, Dimitrios started training his rugby team in strength and conditioning. In 2013, he became accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer. He continued on training members of his rugby team for both in and off-season programs. For the first year of his personal training experience he helped a lot of elderly clients for rehabilitation and strengthening and sedentary clients for weight loss. In 2014, he became a Performance Coach where he designed and ran programs for both teams and individual athletes to improve all components of athleticism and enhance performance. In 2015, he graduated at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. As a Holistic Health Coach, he helped many individuals with weight loss and lead them to healthier lifestyle.

Dimitrios is passionate about developing a strong and healthy athlete and passionate about leading people, in general, to a healthier lifestyle. From youth athletes to professional athletes, he has trained athletes from various types of sports and various levels of athleticism.

“If you truly Want it and truly apply yourself towards achieving your goals, there’s no limitation towards what you can do.”  - Dimitrios Magdalinos