GameOn Strength Classes


Strength & Conditioning bootcamp

GameOn Strength’s Strength, Conditioning & Performance Bootcamp is a high intensity class that will challenge you in all components of fitness. We start out with a good build up that could include some sort of cardio, core activation and dynamic stretching. Once the body is warmed up, we are ready to GO! 60 minutes of non-stop movement. The session ends with a nice cool down and group stretching. 

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Become one of the most dangerous players on the eld, on the court and/or the track. No matter what your sport is, train your speed and improve your athletic performance with our S.A.Q. class. We have designed a complete program to train your body to become faster, more agile and much quicker.

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S.a.q. - Kids

8-12 years of age are vital years in the developmental stages of human growth in body awareness. In these years, our kids are constantly growing and learning more and more about their bodies subconsciously. S.A.Q. will induce core fundamentals in overall athleticism. By educating the proper mechanics of sprinting, footwork and reaction, athletic skill will enhance and body awareness will increase.

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Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you feel good about your health? Are you concerned about your weight? Do you constantly experience joint stiffness, paid or muscle aches?

If you’re constantly thinking about the above, chances are you’d like to live a healthier lifestyle! Join our adult group training class, and let’s take a step in the right direction together.