Recruitment Training 

GameOn Strength’s individualized small group recruitment training starts with a full assessment screening before commencing the Recruit Training program.  Programs are then designed based on the information received through this process.  The full assessment screening includes: functional movement screening, performance testing, strength testing and core strength testing. 

We integrate various methods of training to create a program specific towards each athlete's individual needs.  All programs are designed seasonally to ensure optimal performance.  Athlete's are educated on proper movement mechanics to increase overall athleticism and decrease their risk of injury.  Train smart, play longer.   

The allotted time Recruits are given to complete their programs assigned is 90 minutes from the start time of the session.  This includes every detail of their program that is delegated. The program details can include self myofascial release, activation, mobility, skill work, SAQ, balance/ stability and strength programs. 

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