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Game On 13's Long Term Athlete Development Plan

The aim of our Long Term Athlete Development Plan include:

  • offer solutions for the entire baseball/softball community

  • enhance all participants’ experience within the sport through physical movement and SAQ    
  • promote age-appropriate physical literacy,  psycho-social development and nutritional development    
  • underscore best practices for player health and safety
  • encourage age-appropriate skill development progression
  • prolong individual engagement through improved infrastructure

Our approach is broken into three parts:

1 - Fundamental Movements

Being a good baseball player means being a good athlete. For young players, learning to hit and throw has a lot more to do with learning how to become a better athlete than it does executing a series of precise “mechanics”.  To move well, physical strength is often overlooked. Many youth coaches seek to apply a “mechanics” fix to a problem of coordination and strength. Our player development system relies on integrated strength and skill instruction. Both are important from a young age.

2 - Good Habits

Warm-up to throw. Spend time recovering after you train or play. Have an approach at the plate, every time. Every day kids hear these pieces of advice, and every day they are ignored or half-heartedly executed.  The impact that your warm-up and recovery have on your performance is evident while training at Game On 13.  Everything is tracked. You cannot hide from yourself, and young players learn responsibility.

3 - Have Fun

We aren’t going to skimp on the fun. A young man with Major League dreams still has to like the game when he is 17 years old.  The training is designed to be fun and engaging.  We don’t over cue athletes; Rather, they learn how to move well through a series of challenges and drills specifically designed to help them intuit the flaws in their movements.