Tuesdays 6-7pm - Ages 10-12
December 5, 12, 19, January 2, 9, 16
Thursdays 7-8pm - Ages 13-16
December 7, 14, 21, January 4, 11, 18
Program Cost: $350
Limited to 12 players

Specifically designed for youth players between the ages of 10-16 for the 2017-2018 off-season training

Want to get your throwing arm healthy… and keep it that way? Want to develop both strength and increased velocity…at the same time?


By now you know there is an epidemic of serious arm injuries throughout the United States and we are seeing this at a younger and younger age each year. Through our knowledge, experience and research we developed this program to fully prepare pitchers for their upcoming season. From a progressive throwing regimen to a strength, conditioning, flexibility and mental training. Pitching healthy is guaranteed to improve your overall health and performance on the field. Bobby Blevin’s Youth Arm Care Program focuses on arm conditioning and the pre-habilitation aspects of taking care of your arm. Although velocity will increase that is not our main objective. We’re more concerned with the overall mechanics, health and conditioning of the arm and body. That in itself will SAFELY increase velocity.


Bobby will educate your child through knowledge, experience & research how to fully prepare them as a pitcher for their upcoming season. He will teach progressive throwing regimen and work with your child on strength, conditioning, flexibility and mental training. All pitchers will be evaluated by Bobby and his assistants to determine their pitching abilities and deficiencies. Pitchers will also be put through a series of physical assessments to determine any injury risks, dysfunctions, imbalances, strengths or weaknesses that may be present, as well as create a baseline for function and athletic qualities. Pitchers will be evaluated at the beginning and at the conclusion of the program. All pitchers will be put on a progressive training and throwing program which will ensure each pitcher properly conditions his throwing arm prior to stepping on the mound. Our goal is to allow each pitcher to find his own natural rhythm and arm slot to maximize his efficiency on the mound.

Each session will begin with a warm-up & movement prep followed by a pitching specific, functional strength, conditioning and/or drill work station. We will conclude every session with a cool down and discussion on a specific topic i.e., nutrition, mental preparation, etc.