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Collegiate Recruitment Consultant Service

The pursuit of a collegiate athletic opportunity can be one of the most exciting endeavors a young athlete and family pursue. However, this exciting time is often a confusing time considering that most athletes and their families are not familiar with the college recruiting process.

The world of college recruiting is much different than the typical high school athletic experience many young athletes and their families normally engage. Thus, it is essential to have the proper gaze and guidance when looking toward the future of a potential collegiate career. Eric can help young athletes and their parents to learn the facts of the college recruiting process so that he can help to you save: time, aggravation, and money throughout the process.

About Eric…

Eric Holtz has taken his passion for baseball/softball and young adults and has combined them to help young men and women reach the pinnacle of their individual capabilities. He served the men’s baseball team at Manhattanville College as their Assistant Coach from 2004-2006. He then continued to serve the college by coaching a year of softball at Manhattanville College in which they won the Skyline Conference. In 2007, he served as hitting Coach at Westchester Community College until 2012 when he decided to take a step back to spend more time with his own children Jordan (Bucknell University 2015), Sydni (New York University 2019), and his youngest Brett (Columbia University).

Eric works with 6-year olds as well as some minor leaguers and has had tremendous success and built great relationships with his students. In conjunction to being a collegiate coach, Eric has also coached professionally in several international venues. Eric was drafted into the Israeli Baseball League where he played third base and served as head coach; leading his team to an inaugural season championship title. Eric also led a United States junior Olympic effort in coaching the USA Baseball team 2013 Gold Medal in the Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Consultation Services 

Eric will use his unique communication skills, insights, and baseball knowledge to help you identify and achieve:

  • What you face in the recruiting process… Where YOU fit in as a recruit.
  • How to narrow down a specific and appropriate list of prospective colleges.
  • Development and implementation of academic and athletic plans to match goals and maximize opportunities.
  • Counseling with respect to ALL aspects of the college admission process, including:
    • Showcasing
    • Standardized Testing
    • Interacting with college coaches
    • Strength and Conditioning programs Furthermore, Eric will help to coordinate periodic follow-up meetings as well as unlimited phone and email consultation with him directly.

GameOn 13 Key Points About Student-Athletes:

  • The overwhelming majority of high school student-athletes seeking a college roster spot do not get one

    • There is no more important attribute you can bring to the recruiting process than a proactive mindset. While academic ability and physical talent are important perquisites, they are not enough.

  • A “recruitable” student-athlete is not made during the season

    • The seeds of a successful recruiting process are sown in the off-season, months in advance of when college coaches might see you perform. Once you have an objective athletic assessment, student athletes must use the off-season to work on their strengths and attack and improve their weaknesses.

  • High School stats do not matter

    • One of the biggest misconceptions about the recruiting process is that high school success, failure, or playing time, will have a strong impact on a player’s “recruitability”. While high school accomplishments are not irrelevant, student-athletes don’t need impressive stats to get recruited.


Players and their families must be honest with respect to their academic profile, their athletic attributes, and how those will translate into opportunities through the recruiting process. Seeking an objective assessment at the outset of the recruiting process is crucial. With over 40 years of baseball experience and a decade of collegiate coaching experience, Eric will be able to provide expert consultation services and guide his clients through the world of collegiate recruiting.